Whats in a Smile

There is now a way for Dr Allen Motola to show you a preview of what your smile could look like. Several world renowned dental laboratories have introduced the technology to put a new smile in your mouth without having to actually perform the procedure. Many of the celebrity smiles you see in print advertisements and on television were fabricated using this technique. We have now introduced a low cost method to demonstrate what can be done. Even though you may not be an entertainer yourself, your smile and sense of well being is just as important to you as a celebrity’s is to their career.

We must first take a print impression of your teeth. Next, several photographs are taken including full face and profile shots. Lastly, we gather information regarding what age and personality you would like to see in your smile. Once compiled, everything is sent to the lab where the technician creates both a wax model as well as a rubber mold of your future smile. The models are returned to us where the rubber mold is filled with the color you have chosen and applied over your existing teeth. This is where the excitement begins as within ten minutes, the new you is literally staring back at you in the mirror. At this point all necessary changes are made and the planning begins for the real (permanent) case. We will advise you as to the various choices of material, the number of visits required, the cost, and what the projected timeline will be. The process is totally reversible and easily removed without the need for Novocain. You may even request to have a photograph taken of you and your new smile to take home and admire.

Much like plastic surgery it is critical that you have trusting and honest relationship with both your dentist and their staff. As a potentially life changing event, your ability to communicate with the dentist and their ability to make suggestions, is of utmost importance. This procedure is not something you rush into; think about it, look at pictures in magazines, and determine what exactly it is you wish to see in your smile. By utilizing a world class lab, both you and us benefit from the vast experience of gifted ceramic artists. The rules are simple; have fun, enjoy the process, and decide exactly what it is you want your smile to say about YOU!


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